Penrith Farms has over thirty years experience in providing the skills, direction, and hope that troubled and unmotivated young adults need to be able to successfully transition from adolescence into adulthood.

Let us help your daughter or son overcome the challenges that have kept them from becoming the responsible and independent adult they can be.

Penrith Farms Young Adult Program

Penrith Farms is a working farm located in Eastern Washington for young and emerging adults to learn life skills and experience emotional growth in a therapeutic environment. Our focus is to engage troubled young adults and to help them transition into independent living and adulthood. Penrith Farms operates with a different approach than most programs by engaging our residents throughout the day in a real time environment. We provide challenges and opportunities that will allow our residents to prove themselves and thereby build self-esteem, pride, confidence, honesty, and self-control.

By the time clients enroll at Penrith Farms the majority of them have developed a distrust for therapists and traditional treatment facilities. Our method is more spontaneous than traditional therapy and leads to more self-awareness. Spontaneity means that we address the behaviors and emotional states behind events in the moment as they happen. Penrith Farms provides opportunities for counseling, therapy, mentoring and life coaching to occur in real time thus allowing residents to recognize their emotions and resolve their issues. A majority of young adults that are failing to launch are in need of this experience.

Penrith’s Key Goals  

Penrith’s Key Goals

Communication is a means of connection between people with the successful conveying of ideas and feelings. At Penrith Farms we look for honest and verbal communication of feelings in a safe environment. Many residents communicate their feelings non-verbally and deny they have them as they are used to not expressing them or have never felt comfortable enough to express them. This non-expression leads to frustration and a lot of the problems emerging adults run into transitioning into adulthood.

Cooperation serves two ends as it is the process of working together to the same end and assistance by ready compliance with requests. Residents that are oppositional defiant are usually in need of having some control over something in their lives and being uncooperative is one method of acquiring such control. This behavior ends up making it impossible to transition into adulthood. At Penrith Farms we will assist residents in discovering new outlets for feeling in control of their lives through our Life Skills Program.

Completion, simply put, is the process of finishing something. As simple as it sounds some individuals struggle with Completion. Whether that be school work, high school, a college course, or even a simple task. Sometimes this is because of lack of success with projects, it might be due to low self-esteem so it is better to exclude oneself than fail. Which can translate over into relationships i.e. it is better to be exclude oneself than be rejected. At Penrith Farms we will instill confidence and self-esteem into residents so they will be able to meet challenges, whatever they may be head on, and overcome them.  

The Penrith Difference

Penrith Farms first goal is to develop trust and open communication between staff and the residents. As we gain their trust, we will engage them in a manner that challenges them to develop the skills that will help them transition to a positive and productive adulthood. At Penrith Farms, residents will be consistently challenged to express themselves appropriately, work as a team, accept “No” as an answer, embrace natural consequences, and socialize in a positive manner. We will establish realistic connections with residents which will enable them to properly communicate, cooperate with others, and complete their commitments responsibly.

Penrith Farms is a reflection of the challenges young adults will face as adults. All provided in a safe milieu where the ability to make mistakes is accepted and growing from them is expected. The relationships that are built at Penrith Farms end up being life long, and a majority of our former residents remain in contact with us and each other. These relationship skills will serve them throughout their lives.


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We have experience with overcoming such challenges as:

•  Academic performance
•  Adoption issues
•  Addiction/Abuse (Alcohol/Drugs)
•  Anger management
•  Anxiety
•  Attachment issues
•  Autism and Aspergers
•  Bi-polar disorder
•  Co-occurring issues
•  Compulsive behaviors
•  Depression
•  Distressed relationships
•  Grief/loss/trauma
•  Inability to grow up
•  Ineffective communication skills
•  Involvement with the legal system
•  Irresponsibility
•  Lacking confidence
•  Lack of motivation
•  Lack of realistic goals
•  Lack of responsibility and accountability
•  Lack of problem solving skills
•  Life changes
•  Learning issues
•  Low self-esteem
•  Non-Verbal Learning Differences
•  Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
•  Poor impulse control
•  Poor judgment
•  Requires structure
•  Risk taking behavior
•  Shy-withdrawn
•  Sneaky/underground
•  Socially isolated
•  Strained family relationships
•  Trauma

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